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About Me

My Background


Elizabeth Rosefield was a self taught acrylic painter in the 1980"s.  First in creating a line of wearable art and then progressing to acrylics on canvas.  In 1996, she studied with muralist and portrait artist, Victor Cauduro Rojas in Los Cabos, who launched her career into oil paintings. 

My Medium


Her love of oils allows her to explore and expand the depth of her subjects. They include flora, fauna, and portraiture.  She enjoys collaborating with clients and interior designers in creating special paintings to suit their needs. 

Art, Artist and Oil Paintings


As a part time resident of Los Cabos, Elizabeth captures the wonderful esssence of her natural surroundings. She has applied her love of flowers and exotic portraiture to her paintings.  

"My joy is in communicating the Divine Essence of the Feminine in Nature through my art."